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While a mere sophomore in high school, a teacher I admired made an off-hand comment about the high quality of a report I had written.  His compliment sparked a sense of accomplishment unlike anything I had ever done, and helped to create my new secret identity.  To the rest of the world, I was an awkward, barely average teenager.  In reality, I was . . . Eric Eidson – the Writer!  I aspired to be a great novelist and storyteller who could move the world with his words. 


Unfortunately, I never really developed any significant self-discipline or motivation.  I spent the next fifteen years never really finishing anything or working too hard or long on any one project.  My lack of drive allowed me to cram four years of college into a mere fourteen.  I finally managed to complete my degree in English with a creative writing emphasis, but I still rarely wrote outside of class.


I married at age 20 and had kids a few years later.  My family is the only thing I have ever been faithful to stick with.  Over the years I have been a Husband, a Father, a Security Officer, a Collections Agent, a Youth Pastor, a Trainer and so much more.  In spite of all that, I never have been a true Writer.  Even so, my wife and children continued to encourage me to pursue this crazy dream.


Thanks to my family, I have now completed my first novel and begun work on Book 2 of the Elemental Wars.   So whatever happens next, I have them to thank for getting me this far.  I am finally becoming . . . Eric R. Eidson – the Writer.

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