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Projects and stories can take some time to develop! Check back here for updates on progress . . .

Dead King Cover - kindle.jpg
The Dead King's Bane
Book 1 of The Elemental Realms


"A fantastic first book from Eric Eidson. He has managed to craft a world and a story that is both familiar and surprising."


"A well thought out story with plenty of adventure and fantasy . . . characters are richly developed and . . . I was sorry this novel ended!"


"It's tough to keep my attention long enough for me to finish a book, but it didn't take long before I couldn't put it down."

Journeyman Cover.jpg
A Short Story of The Elemental Realms


Explore the world of The Elemental Realms with this short story set several years before the Dead King's Bane.

A master thief and his apprentice risk their future on a challenging job from a treacherous client. Success will change their lives forever. Failure will kill them both.

"More thieves have died at the hands of their clients than all the city guards in the Elemental Realms."

Painted Man Cover - kindle.jpg
The Painted Man's Prison
Book 2 of The Elemental Realms


Three decades passed in the Elemental Realms since the Shadow Walker destroyed the Dead King and his Necrosi Queen. Now the people rise against the tyranny of Elementals, and a mysterious figure emerges to lead the revolution. But heroes and revolutionaries carry their own dangers . . .  

Official Protocol for Dealing with Suspected Werewolves


Werewolf Protocol
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