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Time to Change

I've always been bad at math. 1+1 always equals 2. Always and every time. The Cambridge Dictionary provides the definition of CONSISTENCY:

the quality of always behaving or performing in a similar way, or of always happening in a similar way

Math is consistent and reliable - unlike me. Consistency remains my greatest weakness as a writer and as a person. The most reliable thing about me is my inability to be reliable. That's why I haven't posted to this blog in 3 years. It's why I took so long to finish my college degree (14 years). It explains why creative projects linger in half-finished states for months or years . . . I'm not consistent.

I'm almost 50 years old now, so I'm not sure there is much hope for change in this area of my life, but I can always dream. That's part of what I love about fiction. Fiction provides a space where we can dream of what could be. Fiction challenges us to change something in order to achieve our dreams.

So, I need to change my blogging and writing thought and action. Over the past year, I have become much more disciplined (the bar was pretty low) in using a calendar to manage my time. One of the changes to my actions as a writer is to SCHEDULE the time I need to write into my calendar. It is a matter of intentionally changing habits to ensure the writing space is protected.

Every change we make is an equation of addition and subtraction. If I am to add writing time into my schedule, I will need to subtract something else. In my case, the biggest distraction and time-suck in my life is FICTION . . . not my own . . . I read other authors' books and watch way too much TV. If I subtract some of that, I can make more space for my own writing.

That's my challenge. What's yours? What is your dream? How does your equation need to change to make your dream a reality?

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