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Book Progress: The Puppeteer's Strings

Here is a quick book progress report for fans of The Elemental Realms:

The first draft of THE PUPPETEER'S STRINGS is 14.5% complete!

The Puppeteer's Strings will be the third book of The Elemental Realms saga. I currently believe this will be the final book in the series, officially making it a TRILOGY. The Elemental Realms has been a wonderful world to build and explore. I know there are many more stories in that world that could be told (some of them I know about, others I don't), but not all of them NEED to be told!

Creating new Elementals and powers is one of my favorite aspects of writing an Elemental Realms book. In addition to a few old favorites, some of the Elementals you can expect in this book include:

Snow Siren - Lumi Kylma's familiar element is actually aquamarine, but her powers manifest in control over ice and cold. Her personality is as cool as her powers.

Webspinner - The mysterious silk Elemental creates nigh indestructible fabrics prized for their texture and protection. Her powers also reveal the mystical connections between Elementals and their unique elements.

The Navigator - The son of the Fire Lord (Elemental Realms books 1-2) is a garnet Elemental capable of locating nearly any person, place, or thing.

Blue John - Jon Treak is a flourite (blue john) Elemental who appeared as a teenager in The Painted Man's Prison. His powers of concealment and connection have increased significantly for book 3.

Cinnabar Elemental - Puna Kylma (the Snow Siren's daughter) is a young Elemental woman learning to control her mental powers of persuasiveness, encouragement, and intimidation.

There are others who will make an appearance, as well as some of our favorite non-Elemental characters. I look forward to sharing more with you as the writing progresses!

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