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The Painted Man's Prison - Special Features

One of the things I enjoy about DVD and Blu-Ray movies is the "Special Features." The behind-the-scenes footage, deleted scenes, commentary, and other extras available invite the viewer to pull back the curtain for a moment. I always feel like the movie makers shared a secret with me - allowing me to become part of the creative process in a way that was not possible in years past. 

Very few novelists have ever tried to add "Special Features" to their books.  I thought I would give it a try! This is the first special feature for the making of The Painted Man's Prison.  The novel isn't going to be out until late in 2018, but here is a glimpse behind my curtain!

A number of new Elementals will be appearing in the next Elemental Realms book. Some of our old favorites will be back, others will be conspicuously absent.  This is a partial list of some of the new Elemental titles and powers you can expect to see in The Painted Man's Prison:

  • The Sovereign Royal - A sapphire-powered Elemental with the ability to sense and predict the hostile intent of his enemies among other powers.

  • The Ambre Emira - An Elemental who uses amber to create wards and barriers of different strength.

  • Marrow Eater - An Elemental who consumed the bones of other Elementals and temporarily gains their powers.

  • Madman - A Mercury Elemental with speed-powers . . . and serious mental health concerns.

  • The Seductress - This Elemental derives her powers from sugar. She can discern and use the desires of other people to manipulate their decisions.

  • Aislinn Asparta - One of the few Elemental's without an Elemental name. She uses zinc to increase visual acuity in herself and others.

  • Timekeeper - Crystal quartz provides this Elemental with very limited - very localized control over the passage of time. 

  • The Vampyr - This Elemental uses bloodstone to either drain or restore the life-energy of himself and others.

There are a number of other Elemental characters which will appear (or be referenced) in The Painted Man's Prison.  This is just a sample to whet your appetite!

Stay tuned for more "Special Features" in the making of The Painted Man's Prison!

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