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Journeyman - A Short Story of the Elemental Realms

A master thief and his apprentice risk their future on a challenging job from a treacherous client. Success will change their lives forever. Failure could kill them both.

"More thieves have died at the hands of their clients than all the city guards in the Elemental Realms."

It took some time to make it happen, but I finally finished my first short story set in the Elemental Realms.  The story is free - and it comes with bonus material!

  • A free prevue of The Dead King's Bane - Book One of the Elemental Wars

  • A sneak peek of The Painted Man's Prison - Book Two of the Elemental Wars

  • 20 minutes of never-before-seen footage! (not really)

Get Journeyman in your favorite ebook format for free at

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