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New Artwork!

Updated: Aug 31, 2018

I discovered something surprising in the course of bringing my first novel - The Dead King's Bane - to life.  Designing the book is harder than writing it!  Fortunately for my sanity and for my book, I enlisted three amazing artists to help elevate my novel to the next level.

Jeremiah Lambert is a gifted artist who does commission artwork for individuals and organizations all over.  He is currently working on a new cover for The Dead King's Bane, and the level of detail he puts into the work is staggering.  When the new cover is ready, you could frame this book and hang it on your wall! Check out @jeremiahlambertart on facebook to see more of his incredible talent.  He also has a list of art, comic book, sci-fi, and horror conventions where he can be found many weekends throughout the year.

In addition to the incredible cover art, Jeremiah's father Joe Lambert is designing an artistic map of the Elemental Realms.  I love maps in fantasy novels.  Maps unpack the author's imaginary world to make it more tangible and accessible to readers.  Joe's passion for maps exceeds my own! Adding the map to The Dead King's Bane is an exciting step forward - and upward - in the design of the novel.

Finally, a young, emerging artist named Ethan Migit designed all the symbols included at the beginning of each chapter.  The symbols reflect individual characters and their influence within the Elemental Realms.  At sixteen years old, Ethan is just beginning to tap the vast reservoirs of talent he possesses!  I look forward to watching this young man's career unfold.

With the help of these three outstanding artists, The Dead King's Bane will soon achieve a level of design to compete with any of the mega-publishing companies in the world!

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