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RELEASED: The Painted Man's Prison

The day has finally come! Last week, I released book 2 of The Elemental Realms - The Painted Man's Prison. It took much longer than it should have - and that is entirely my fault!

The editing process for Painted Man lasted significantly longer than I anticipated. My Beta Readers did a good job of getting back to me, but I allowed so many different distractions to interrupt, that it took nearly a year to complete the edits. But that's all over now!

The Painted Man's Prison is a reality - available in digital and print form through You can search for it by title, my name (Eric R Eidson), or even check out the new Elemental Realms series page!

I want to thank some of the key people who helped me make this a reality:

The Alpha Readers - These guys basically just keep asking me for the next chapter as I write the first draft. They read it and do nothing but encourage, threaten, and beg me to finish! Thank you Zak Eidson and Jacob Kenney!

The Beta Readers - This group tears my book apart and lets me know how bad I did! They challenge every questionable plot decision, character arc, grammar, punctuation, dot, and tiddle. Trust me, without this group, you wouldn't be reading anything good. Marsha Krahn, Caleb Schwenk, Zak Eidson, Joe Lambert, Shane House - you guys help make me a better writer!

My Family - Jeanette, Zak, and Aly - each of you challenges me and makes me a better person. Your encouragement and support keeps me writing long after I would have given up. Every thing I write, publish, and produce has your DNA in it as much as my own. Thank you, and I love you all!

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